Frédéric Lécrivain, born in Rennes, France, graduated from the College of Fine Arts of Angers, department design.

“Designer, I intervene on the study, the definition, the conception, as well as on the prototyping and the development of innovative, sensitive and signifier solutions. This, inside the human-environment* interrelationship, in order to contribute to create sustainable projects, respectful of the environnemental medium, context and users.

Based in Brittany (France), in the department of Ille-et-Vilaine, I also create in partnership with the industrial and craft fabric of the region, specific pieces (furnitures, objects), dedicated to the arrangement and to the decoration of living spaces in limited editions and custom made.
They come from a mental world where, in the relation to our immediate environment, predominates the idea of the object as a communicating link.

I work at last, from these everyday objects, a plastic approach. They then become for me a mode of expression full-fledged, necessary into the understanding or at least to an awareness of the relationship to self, to its environment, like its subject, always moving.”

* To the physical and sociological senses.